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Web Development



So you need a website? You want it to be modern, attractive, and functional.

...Well that's what we do!


Our development process is relatively straight forward.


1) We talk about the goals you have for your site, what you'd like it to do, and the basic look you want. From this we are able to come up with a basic blueprint for the site.


2) With this blueprint in hand we translate it to a technical feature set.


3) Once we have a feature set we hash out a wire frame which is basically a rough static draft of how the site is going to flow and how the features will be incorporated into the final site.


4) Now comes the fun part, the heavy lifting. From all of this we build the prototype. This is basically the functionality of the site where all of the features are made to play nice with one another.


5) At this point we usually have a working site but it's not the prettiest thing to look at at this point so now we incorporate the look and feel aspect of the site based upon our interview with you. We're good but sometimes we may miss the mark so this is where the owner will take a look at several concepts and chooses what they like. From there we take it back and start tweaking everything until it passes muster.


6) So now we have a website that looks right and does what it's supposed to. On to testing to make sure that once it goes live nothing breaks in an unexpected way.


7) Once we've finished all this it's launch time......



One of the ways we are able to develop and implement bullet proof web solutions is by leveraging the power of the open source movement. In this vein based upon the needs of the client we prefer to develop websites utilizing one of several open source development platforms. Our favorite and the most powerful is Drupal.