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Frequently Asked Questions

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur."-  Red Adair 


The answer to this question varies depending upon the type of website you need and the features incorporated into it.

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No you do not.  The solutions we provide allow just about anyone in your business to update it as needed without having to have a specialist on staff or to hire a developer everytime you need to make a change.

The long and short answer is yes.


As more people do the research for finding a product or service provider they turn to the internet.  By having a website you give yourself a 24/7 billboard to help people understand what you offer and how they can reach you.

Regularly licensed software is usually closed source, developed by a small group and not open to review by outsiders, and is usually purchased for a one time or renewable licensing fee.

Open source software is community developed software which is open to review by anyone and is usually free.

Why do we prefer open source software? Because by utilizing open source software we are able reduce the end cost to our customers as well as providing a software platform whose security is constantly under community scrutiny.

SEO is what will help propel the visability of your site to visitors looking for you.  Unfortunately many people are under the misguided opinion that if you build it they will come.  This is probably the greatest myth of the internet.  Just as you would advertise a brick-and-mortar business in the real world you have to have a marketing plan for the internet as well.  The cornerstone of any online marketing campaign is an active SEO campaign.

Flash based websites look real cool but.... If you are not a company that is known nationwide by name and people just type in your address automatically then you depend, in some part, on traffic from search engines.  Flash websites are practically invisible to search engines.  We build sites to be found by visitors from search engines.