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Revamp of Eklipse Interactive part 2

Now that we have most of the visitor facing parts of the site sorted out.  We're thinking about changing our look.  We have always felt that a dark theme fits with our name and therefore our message.  We have always felt that the underlying message we wanted to convey was that we are here to bring businesses out of the dark and into the light of success.

We're now looking at whether we want to move to a brighter theme.


Revamp of Eklipse Interactive

Well we finally had some time to make a lot of the changes we have been envisioning for our own site for a long time.


Our original site was a bit dated and didn't do some of the things we wanted but we didn't have time to change it.  We finally decided to make it a priority and added it as an active project to our to do list.  It's still in heavy development but the public face of the site is pretty much ready so here it is.